Have you been pondering a home improvement project that would not only benefit your family’s current living situation and could be enjoyed by everyone, but that would also add value to your home?  There are many projects to consider, but adding a sunroom allows for an increase in living space, a warm area in cooler months and a cooler space in the summer, and an additional area for entertaining, working on projects and hobbies, and hosting sleepovers.

Sunrooms make a great addition to an existing home or as part of a new build.  The key is to work with a contractor that has a lot of experience in sunroom construction.

The guide below lists 10 Benefits of Adding on a Sunroom.  It’s a great way to boost living and entertaining space, introduce more sunshine into the home and serve as a mood booster for the entire family.

Additional Living Space

Who couldn’t use some additional living space?  Especially an area that features lots of windows and good views of nature.  Sunrooms are great for using as an “outdoor” patio, complete with regular or patio furniture, wet bar, TV, or gaming tables.  The possibilities are endless.

More Light

Sunrooms typically feature lots of windows.  This greatly increases lighting not only for the sunroom but surrounding areas as well.  Lighting is known to be a mood enhancer and this can be especially important during the darker winter months.  It’s also a great way to enjoy more light during the hot summer months without being exposed to hot temperatures.

Increases Home Value

Many home additions will increase a home’s value, but a few increase it even more.  Sunrooms tend to be one of the additions that increase your home’s value more than some other additions.  Anytime square footage is added to a home, whether it is included by appraisers or not, the home becomes more valuable and desirable.  An inviting sunroom will not only increase a home’s value but could be the determining factor in receiving a better offer at the time of sale.

Climate-Controlled Space

Sunrooms that are climate-controlled can be a great buffer between the outdoor cold or heat and the main area of a home.  Because a sunroom is typically climate-controlled, it can serve as a great place to store items that are sensitive to heat and cold.


Nobody likes being eaten alive by mosquitoes, no-see-ums, or horse flies.  One way to enjoy the outdoors in climate-controlled comfort without bugs is to install a sunroom where one can essentially be outdoors without having to deal with insects.  Screened-in porches can accomplish a similar feat, but they are not climate-controlled.


Kids love to play with toys.  And toys often don’t get picked up promptly once played with.  A great way to separate kids and toys from the main living area is to include a playroom in your sunroom.  It is out of the way and can serve as a dedicated space for this purpose.

Office/ Hobby / Project Area

Need some peace from the main hustle and bustle of the core living area?  Sunrooms make great office spaces for after-work projects or work-at-home jobs.  A sunroom can also make a great hobby or craft project area that is out of the way, yet incorporates nature into the scene.

Exercise / Yoga Room

Exercising or performing yoga routines requires a dedicated space.  Sometimes an area away from other living areas is desired.  A sunroom can fit this bill and provide a sense of being outside as well.

Pet Area

Does Fido need an area to nap and sleep?  Is a feline companion looking for a safe and secure area to enjoy watching birds?  A sunroom can be a perfect place for pets to relax.

Plant Protection

Many plants are sensitive to cold and heat.  Sunrooms make a great area in which to house temperature-sensitive plants during freezing weather or extreme heat.

Sunrooms make great additions to homes.  They are so versatile and bring real value to the home in many ways.  If you are searching for sunroom ideas or a company to work with you on designing and building the sunroom of your dreams, we can help. American Eagle Builders has been building sunrooms for decades and we have many happy customers.  We would enjoy working with you on your important project.